How to participate?

  Participating is very easy. Simply by putting objects in the buckets and leaving them exactly where you are participating. If you also create your own bucket and share it even with your family, friends and/or neighbors, you are participating in a more active way. And if you leave a bucket in a library, social club, institute, etc... you will be a great influence in the development of Kulturkubus.

  In order for everyone to know, or at least the people with whom you want to share a bucket, you have to fill in two simple forms. One with the properties of the bucket and another for the objects in the buckect For security reasons these forms can only be filled in when you have registered on the web and logged in.

Where to leave the buckets?

  The buckets will preferably be left in cultural places (like schools, libraries, language schools, small cinemas, etc...), that would want to include them, and houses. In other words, there will be public buckets (in public places), restricted buckets (language schools, universities, institutes, schools) and private buckets (that a person has for sharing with their family and friends). Any bucket can go from being private to being restricted or to being public. And from public to restricted or to private, depending on the owner or the person who receives it.


  - Easier contact with other cultures for children.

  - Easy access material for children to learn languages.

  - Adults who are learning languages.

  - As a mere curiosity.

Rules for the buckets:

  - At the time of leaving the buckets will be checked by someone from the local where you will be housed.

  - The buckets can only contain original items.

  - From the previous point we can deduce that the items cannot be photocopies or piracy.

  - The buckets cannot contain any object of pornographical content, be that implicit or explicit.

  - The buckets and items will be identified.

  - The buckets cannot contain USB devices. For reasons of security and legality of the contents of the devices, these are prohibited.

  - The buckets and/or users can unregister by their own will or by the administrator if they do not comply with the rules on the website or in the contents of the bucket delivered.

  - Wooden, cardboard or plastic buckets will be used.

  - There may be buckets only for a community or similar whose access is restricted (semi-private buckets).

  - Possibility of scoring the buckets. The sum of the points of all the buckets of an owner will go directly to the owner. Therefore, the owner will get points indirectly. Users who left the buckets are not directly scored.

Identifying buckets and objects

  As we have said before, the bucket and its contents are not controlled by the owners, but the objects will be identified.

Structure of the identification code:


  Country of origin code (2 or 3 characters): DE (Germany)

  City code of the country of origin (3): LÜB (Lübeck)


  Destination country code (2 or 3 characters): ES (Spain)

  City code of country of destination (3): CAR (Cartagena)

Object type

  KU (Kubus), DVD, CD, MA (Magazine), BU (Bucket), BOO (Book), REV(Magazine)

Separator: -

  Identifier of the cube and, therefore, of all its objects: XXXX-XX

Examples of codes:








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