What is Kulturkubus?

  Kulturkubus is a project designed to share culture - in the form of books, magazines, DVDs, CDs - to everyone around the world.

  Surely you have some books or magazines that you don't read anymore, right? So why don't you give them away or lend them to someone? I'm sure someone else will be interested in what you can contribute.

  I'm Paco Valverde, and I travel from Germany to Spain and from Spain to Germany. I can buy books very cheaply in Germany and take them to the language school in my city. And I can also take Spanish magazines and newspapers and take them to a German institute where you can study Spanish. It costs me very little, and I know that there are people who are going to make the most of it. I don't make any money because I haven't charged either of them anything. But I win by stamping my personal brand because I have put my web page in the items that I have given away, and if there is someone interested in having a web made I can earn money with the work I do. Then the given material has served me as publicity.

My dream

  From publicity we move on to the following: What if companies instead of spending millions of euros on advertising are advertised in this way? The result is that they are giving culture and they are reaching people. We are all winning again.

  Another benefit is that cultural material can get from one country to another that otherwise would never get there.

  The idea is to leave boxes (on the website called buckets) with cultural items from any country, preferably a different country to the one where the bucket is located. The preferred items would be: Books, magazines, music CDs, DVD movies.

  This website’s funcionality is to have buckets located with their contents. We will never refer to managing or controlling the buckets, since the contents will not be subject to control. In fact, not even the bucket will be under control. It is about trust between people.

Do you like the idea? How to participate?
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